School Uniforms

School Uniforms

There is something comforting in the school uniforms in pleats and tables. Perhaps it reminds us of our own childhood, or evokes thoughts of order and security. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – school uniforms are getting a lot of wear on these days. From California to Boston, some of the larger school districts of the country now have school uniforms policies. In New York City alone, more than half a million for elementary institute students are wearing the next autumn.

The Case of school uniforms

not long-term, formal studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of institute costumes, but many institutes have maintained their own informal statistics. California Long Beach Unified Institute District records are probably most frequently cited. This urban district adopted a mandatory dress policy in 1994. Since then, the institute crime has decreased by 76 percent, while that attendance has reached a historic high. If you are a skeptic, get in line, but the statistics of bright Long Beach have been received with skepticism. Some education experts say that no institute can demonstrate that the dress only cause such dramatic reductions in crime. Other detractors see dress policies as a violation of the rights of students to free expression, and nothing more than a band-aid that does not address the real causes of youth violence.

Pros and Cons

Dr. Alan Hilfer Street, senior psychologist Unit of adolescents and children of the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, he says, “Dresss make eliminate competition, the pressure and the attacks perpetrated by the older children in the younger children for their sneakers and other possessions. They also allow some children to focus better, especially in the lower categories “. But Dr. Hilfer Street said that there is a downside: “School uniforms is a source of expression for children, and as children grow, they become increasingly resentful of the dress.”

From the trenches

Anthony poet, assistant director in the Secondary Organization of the Sun People in Arizona, recently instituted a dress policy in their organization. He is the first to agree that the children do not like the school uniforms. But he realized that the same children who said they hated the policy also said that they are happy to have it. A student confirms: “school uniforms make the organization more secure, but I don’t like.” From your Institution began to require school uniforms, poet have shown a marked decline in discipline problems. But until a long-term study, he says that you cannot be sure if this is the uniform or the act of the institution of the policy that has made all the difference. Dr. Hilfer Street explains: “The problems of discipline may be declining in organizations with dresses because the associations (and parents) have begun to take up the issue of discipline more seriously.”

What Are proper dresses for your district?

According to Dr. Hilfer Street, strict dress codes are not for everyone. “Some associations flourish in the permissiveness and individuality, while others have to be more restrictive for contain a student body restless.” Before taking the decision school uniforms, suggests that associations consider carefully their unique populations; what kind of message they want to send; and if they are or don’t think that their children are going to go for it. Dr. Hilfer Street warns: “Through the establishment of a uniform policy, associations are removing the individuality of children – associations have to decide if the sacrifice is worth it to do
The argument in favor of a debate on school uniforms focuses on the positive effects of a dress code of the college and its students. In accordance with the United States Department of Education, there are higher levels of discipline when a association introduces a compulsory school uniforms policy for their students. He also claims that the incidents of theft and violent behavior are reduced with the introduction of association outfits, which leads to a safe learning environment for all students and more respect for teachers. School uniforms can be expensive, but compared with the cost of at least five costumes and shoes not uniform, the parents can put the disbursement in perspective. It could be said that the clothes don’t have to cost a small fortune, but anyone with children knows about peer pressure and the latest trends. Some associations offer financial assistance to low-income families so they can buy the outfits.
The Center for Policy and Management of the education of the research suggests that school uniforms policy of compulsory association has the potential to increase the students’ self esteem and promote a sense of community spirit within a association. When students have a sense of belonging to an institution, the respect for the teachers increases and improve levels of assistance. The association outfits do all students have the same appearance, regardless of their social class or economic status. Students may be subjected to the pressure of carrying the latest designer clothes and shoes of sport when there is no school uniforms policy of the association in its place. Students who choose to disregard the rules of the fashion set by their contemporaries, or who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes, can be victims of bullying in the association when there is no dress code.
The Consortium for the prevention of institution violence said that the advocates of institution outfits believe discipline problems, suspensions and expulsions are reduced with the introduction of school uniforms policy of the institution. When all students dress up in the same, there is no visual difference between the social groups. The United States Department of Education claims that a uniform policy prevents the gangsters to use colors and insignia of gangs in the institution. As a result, the incidents related to the gangs are potentially reduced levels of discipline and improve. When all students to use school uniforms, institution officials and security personnel are able to identify someone that should not be on the premises. a study has pointed out the institution system of Long Beach, published in “Psychology Today,” found that the crime rate in their institutions was reduced 91 percent in four years after the adoption of school uniforms in 1995. In schools with heavy gang activities, that requires outfits can be particularly beneficial to reduce the violence, as the gang members who wore outfits cannot be as easily identified and targeted. school uniforms also limit fights arising from jealousy by the clothing. They also create a institution environment safer, since it is easier to identify foreign suspects.